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PaloBots is a club the helps kids learn about robotics, programming, technology, and teamwork.  Our mission is:

  • To enable 'rookie' kids to become familiar with robotics, problem solving, and the basics of teamwork
  • To enable more experienced & committed kids to learn exceptional skills in robot design, team organization & leadership, public presentation, and other aspects 
  • For any responsible kid (& parents) in the general Palo Alto area


PaloBots is meant to be "Serious Fun" -- kids should be having fun while they are seriously focused on learning a wealth of new things.


Schedule and Format


PaloBots is entering its fifth year and has run a total of six teams.  Each year has a 'club' period from February through August, and a 'team' period from August through February.  During the club period, club members learn, practice, and have lots of fun.  Club meetings are every other week for a couple hours.  During the team period, teams form to compete in FLL.   Teams can meet as little as once a week (~3 hours) to as much as 2-3 times a week  (8+ hours) depending on the goals of the team.  Club members can either join a team or just watch what is going on.


You can see more about the club aspects by looking at: http://fller.pbworks.com/ .  More information about the competition and teams are here:  


Current Season Materials


In 2014 we have a returning 5th grade team and a returning 9th grade team.  The club period will be primarily focused on getting both teams to build better robots.



Prior Materials

In 2013 there was both a club and a team season.  The first meeting of the year was


In 2012 there was no club season.  The 'team' period started in July.


In the years 2011 and before the club site was at http://fller.pbworks.com/.  


Other Resources



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