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Previous Meeting: ParcMeeting20111204 



July 22nd, 2012 -- 2PM to about 3PM


Agenda: Prepare to Kickoff FLL!


This is the meeting to prepare to Kickoff the FLL season.  Agenda items

  • Review last-season, identify returners  
  • Determine what kind of team we are doing this year:  Better than last?  Better at Robot?  Better at Project?  Etc.
  • Determine whether to grow the team and how.  Each person presents someone?  Meet by one other person?  Parental commitment?
    • Divakar -- Mark, Maya, Adi?
    • William and Henry -- Jex
    • Maya and Sydney --
    • ? -- Adi 
    • Leni ? -- Maya
  • Determine ramp-up schedule -- Sundays at 2PM / 1PM ?  
    • Determined to be Sunday at 2PM every week starting August 12th. 
  • Reveal team number game: a beautiful number 
  • Team name / logo options




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