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Next Meeting: PbMeeting20130526

Previous Meeting: PbMeeting20130428



May 12th, 2013 -- 2PM to 4PM


Agenda: Building Robots is Cool!


This is the second club meeting.  We may go over a little of the first club meeting (PbMeeting20130428) if enough new people show up, but we will immediately start with a mission after people are on-boarded.


  • Break into pairs / triplets
  • Build the TankBot from the retail kit instructions or the CastorBot from the education kit instructions
  • Train the TankBot to cross an arena (stretch)




During the session, we went through the concepts of an Autonomous Robot, which would require a Body and a 'Brain' where 'Brain' refers to the actual programming of the robot vs. something physical.











We also went through some of the various kinds of parts in more detail (including their proper or PaloBot-standard names to aid communication).  Most of these are contained in this description:








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