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May 29th, 2013 -- 2PM to 4PM


Agenda: Training Robots and Being Robots!


First part is to understand how NXT-G programs work.   This was done by both kids programming kids (outside) and a simple 'cross the arena' mission.


Critical aspects:

  • Body vs. Brain
    • Brain tells body what to do: "Say 'Hello!'"
    • Body actually does it: "Hello!" 
    • Body can also do things brain is unaware of (touch sensor touched) because the brain isn't looking for it at the right time.  This is called a 'realtime' system in that the robot and the world are interacting in 'real time' vs. just based on the programs (brains) requests.
  • For Programs: 
    • Importance of 'baton' being passed between bricks.  Start of program passes baton to first brick, and each passes to next when done
    • There is an implicit 'Stop Everything' at the End of the program, which the last brick passes to. 
    • Some bricks hold the baton for a while:
      • If they have a 'watching/waiting until' aspect, which 'move until rotation/time/degrees' has
      • If they take a bit of time to complete: "Say 'Supercalifragilisticexpialidotious'" 
    • Other bricks pass baton immediately:
      • Move 'forever' is really 'Move and immediately pass baton'
      • 'Yellow' sensors 'sense' and pass immediately.  They do not wait.
    • For NXT-G, you can get a feel for a program by just looking at the colors and 'Flow' (Orange) aspects
      • But especially need to look for 'infinite' vs. other options in bottom right corner of move/control blocks 



Programming involves various 'Mental Abilities'


Example Program from today



Example of a more sophisticated program and it's structure



For Fun:

  • TOR won the NorCal FLL regional.  Very nice design 



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