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Disaster: Hurricane

Community: Miami Beach, Florida

Representative: Cate's Grandparents

Live near water (see water)

Single-story house

Friends further inland (30 minutes)




Trees falling over on houses Cut down all trees

Powerlines falling on houses

Trees falling on power lines 


Electrified water

Stupid people (educate them?)

Eroded soil


Falling helicopters

Stupid people opening windows

Cars being flung at stupid people

Drunk people (too much drinking due to hurricane)

Stupid people using nuclear plants to hide in


No friends



Core concepts/issues

Electrical wires -- Above ground,  losing power, expensive generators, 


Stupid people -- Above ground, educate them, 

  * Wrong things: Beach parties during hurricanes

   *  FLYING into Hurricane (eye)

  *  Hurricane hunting


People die in hurricane?  [How many]



  * Not everybody can?

   * Too far?

   * Hospitalized

   * Jails / Prisons


People care about other people too much "Too bad"




Polluted Water : Undrinkable, Harmful,  Wildlife, 

Flooding : Rooftop

Supplies : Food, Water, (Potable)



Identify Problem

Existing Solutions

Innovative New Solution





   * Stupid People

       * Educate them

       * Throw them off a cliff (genicide) --

       * Strap them down so they don't anything stupid (See sinbad / jason and the sirens) 

       * Stuff books in face

       * Mandatory hurricane preparedness --

       * Educate then kill if fail ('Final Exam') -- Drop into hurricane (survivor)  


   * Unable to Evacuate

   * Power lines



   * 0.5: Trees

   * Polluted Water : Undrinkable, Harmful,  Wildlife, 

   * 4: Flooding : Rooftop

   * 1: Supplies : Food, Water, (Potable)


Identify Problem: Flooding

More Specifically:  

   * New Orleans has levees (below sea level)

   * Miami Beach Flood ?



    * Hurrican Season, Palm Trees don't fling coconuts at people

    * Propane Gas grill, so can cook food without electricity (off the grid)

    * Outside furniture gets stowed inside

    * Shutters


If it floods, what are the solutions (existing or novel):

    * Giant sponges (stored on top of house, releases with cut string)

        * How to access from inside?

        * What if you evacuated? 

        * Save properties and humans 

        * Suffocate in giant sponges 

    * Sandbags as makeshift levees

    * Latch: inflatable lifeboats  (save humans but not properties)

    * Giant vacuums (pumps) and store into a reservoir

    * Mandatory house-boats… just float away (wheels or stilts normally)

    * Flying house

    * Safe  


To Do:

   * Confirm floods are possible

   * Identify whether anyone uses sponges, pumps, house-boats as solution

   * Identify what benefits and issues are with each solution 






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